Benjamin Moore, the paint, color, and coatings brand, announced its highly anticipated colour trends for the upcoming year and white made the top of the list!

In the home, white is a timeless and versatile design statement, says Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s creative director. “The colour white is transcendent, powerful, and polarizing – it is either taken for granted or obsessed over. White is not just a design trend, it is a design essential. The popularity of white, the necessity of white, the mystique of white, is quantifiable in our industry. Of the top 10 bestselling Benjamin Moore colours, variants of white occupy five spots. It was inevitable that we would ultimately recognize white as our colour of the year.”

The Benjamin Moore Color Studio forecasts colour trends after a year of research attending major industry shows around the world, while also taking cues from standouts in architecture, fashion, textiles, home furnishings, and the arts.

White transcends style, and is seen in traditional, transitional, and modern interiors. Here are some tips when decorating with white:

1. White is forgiving. If you are unsure of your colour choice, white is always a good place to start. It’s a blank canvas – begin with white and decorate with bold. You’ll be amazed at how such a light colour can transform your space with little effort.

2. There isn’t only one shade of white. There are many undertones to the shades so choose carefully – some are blue, pink and green. Many times the sample you think is white in the store actually has an undertone of blue when you get home. And check your sample at different times of the day – the light will change the colour.

3. White is always in style. Even if you don’t have an interior decorator’s eye, using white in your decor or walls instantly adds elegance, creates an airy space, and the illusion of tidiness – even if there’s clutter!

4. White can create dramatic impact whether on the wall or in your furniture choices – think ceiling to floor draping white thick curtains, the gorgeous white sofa that’s a statement piece, or creating a grand entrance by painting your foyer white, especially if you’ve got ample natural light and high ceilings. Understated, elegant, classic and modern all at once.