At the centre of every home lies the kitchen — the gathering place where families eat, talk and really live. Day in and day out, it’s where we gather and spend most of our time.

As the centre of attention, it’s important that your kitchen leaves the right impression. If you’re on a budget, a few cans of paint and swapping out the hardware on your cupboards can do wonders, completely transforming your space.

One top trend for the kitchen is two-tone cabinetry. It’s a great way to breathe life into a plain room and can work with pretty much any style. I would suggest white, cream or light grey on top and a neutral blue or darker grey on the bottom. This two-tone effect can visually lighten the space and actually make the room feel bigger.

Here are my tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets:

Prep the cabinets. The key to a smooth, even surface is all in the prep work.

  • Remove all doors and hardware from the cabinet boxes.
  • If you’re re-using the hinges, tape the screws to the hardware they came from so they don’t get lost or mixed up.
  • Lightly sand the doors and boxes to smooth any rough spots and help the paint adhere.

Painting tips. Once the cabinets are prepared you’re ready to prime and paint.

  • Para Paints’ new ultra melamine hybrid cabinet and furniture paint has the durability and performance of an oil-based paint and the easy water clean-up and fast dry of a latex paint.
  • If you’re using a brush, brush first against the grain and then with it.
  • Using a foam roller will give you that smooth, factory-like melamine finish.
  • Any time you’re taking on a painting project, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area. Open the windows and use a fan if necessary.