There is a lot to remember when you’re packing up and moving. Here are some great tips to ensure an easy move for you and your family:

Get organized early

Create a packing schedule well in advance and follow it. Know when you need to starting packing and follow your schedule as closely as possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re collecting boxes or renting them, make sure they are organized and ready to go for when you start packing. If renting a truck, be sure to do this in advance to make sure you get the truck and service you need for your move.

Purge and donate

Getting rid of unwanted or unused items as you pack is a great way to go through everything you own and donate what you no longer need. If you don’t love it or don’t see a need for it, get rid of it. As you’re going through your suff decide if its being packed, donated or thrown out. Do this with a partner or a friend a quicker and more efficient process. As you pack your kitchen, donate non-perishables. Older jars of food you aren’t eating will only add more weight and clutter as you pack. To make it even easier on yourself, call local non profits to pick up bags of gently used clothing, housewares and furniture.

Packing the right way

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when packing. We often have a lot more stuff than we thought we did. Make sure to take the time to pack the right way to ensure your items are protected and to allow for an easy unpack as well. Organize your packing by room. Label boxes so you know exactly where they came from and where they need to go in your new place. Protect your memories and valuables. Wrap breakables such as dishware, frames, and cherished trinkets in paper or bubble wrap. The last room you’ll want to pack up is the kitchen as these items are the ones you will likely need the most leading up to the week you move.

Choose a reliable moving company

When hiring a moving company make sure to check their credentials. To protect yourself and your items you’ll want to make sure they are licensed and insured. Book well in advance to make sure you get the truck and service that you need. If asking friends and family for help, give them enough notice and let them know exactly what you need them for. It’s always nice to give thanks by offering cold drinks and snacks.

Moving with kids

If you’re moving with young kids, it’s a great idea to hire a sitter. As much as you love your children, they are likely to only get in the way and create distractions during the move. Pack a bag with all of their essentials so you aren’t looking deep into boxes for things they may need.