What colour comes to mind when you think of Halloween? If it’s a bold shade of orange, it’s time to start thinking green.

But don’t get spooked out by being an environmental champion, turn your Halloween into Hallow-green with these simple tips that will help protect our environment, one trick (or treat) at a time.

  • Carry reusable bags. While trick-or-treating with your kids, be sure to trade in your plastic or paper bags for cloth and canvas versions. Reusable bags or old pillowcases are not only the ultimate candy carriers big enough to let mom and dad sneak in some candy for themselves, but are environmentally friendly alternatives that won’t wind up in the garbage after one use.
  • Reuse costumes. Halloween costumes generally end up in the trash and make their way into landfills. But there are alternatives to throwing your child’s costume away just because it doesn’t fit or it’s time for a new look. Halloween costumes are the number one hand-me-down because they never go out of style. Give them to a friend or family member, donate them to someone in need, or purchase one from a thrift store at a discounted rate.
  • Decorate with reusable materials. Give your home the spook you’re looking for without the environmental scare. To limit the amount of trash ending up in landfills, purchase items you can use year after year over single-use items. When reusing battery-operated Halloween gadgets and décor such as a fog machine or lawn props, replace and recycle any old or damaged batteries. Call2Recycle Canada has more than 8,000 drop-off locations across the country, so take them to one near you. You can visit their website at call2recycle.ca and plug in your postal code to find one closest to your home or work.