Furniture is a necessity in your home but buying good quality pieces and appliances can sometimes break the bank. Though low-budget furniture is a great way to save money, investing in some great pieces is the best way to get the most bang for your buck in the long term. Here are the top four things to splurge on in your home.

Kitchen table

The kitchen table is the hub for all things family and friends. Between potluck dinner parties, school projects, and family gatherings, your kitchen table can do it all. To make sure that it can keep up with your busy life it’s a great idea to invest in a solid, sturdy piece. Look for a real wood table from a reputable company or individual who specializes in kitchen furniture. By investing in a good kitchen table you’re sure to get a lot of years out of it.


There is nothing better than sinking in to your comfy couch at the end of the day and enjoying your favourite show or movie. Investing in a good quality couch will ensure you will have this enjoyment for years to come. Couches endure a lot of wear and tear through daily use, food spills, pets, children and more, so it’s important to get a couch that can hold up against the household.


We spend around one third of our lives sleeping. Sleep helps to prepare our bodies for the next day so that they can function at their best. By getting a mattress that is both comfortable and long lasting you are ensuring a great night’s sleep for many, many years.

Patio set

We endure some crazy weather throughout the year in Canada and that can take a toll on our patio furniture. Buying a good quality set will help it hold up against the elements. During the winter be sure to store it away, if you have the space, for an even longer life span. For patio cushions opt for good quality outdoor material as it stays brighter and cleaner for longer.

Save time and money in the long run by investing in good quality pieces for your home.