Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbours.” He was right, but something that takes up so much visual space in the backyard doesn’t usually look very inspiring. Changing the look of your fence entirely could be an option but there are other budget-friendly ways to transform these neighbourly barriers into something more attractive. 

Insert Here

Fencerts are a type of ornamental iron with anchoring posts that are set into the fence. They’re a great way to section off an area, create a relaxing nook, or preserve a view. These can be semitransparent so although they’re not meant for complete privacy they will create visual interest in your yard.

It’s a Living Thing

Move the greenery from the ground to the fence. Whether you choose to add individual potted plants, hang a pallet wall, or design an herb wall garden, small or large hits of lush greenery will liven up the space.

Linear Love

A simple wooden material fence can be transformed to match a modern home by installing the wood planks horizontally instead of vertically. By adding strategically placed sleek shelves and modern lighting the look is functional and beautiful. You can use polished wood or metal slats; the distance between each is up to you. The further apart you install them, the less privacy you’ll have.

Simple Geometry

Create dramatic geometric patterns using traditional wood or iron and composite. You can create boundaries with your fence that are highly attractive. This style may not be practical for privacy but it looks stunning in a limited area such as the front of the house.

Frosted Glass

This material is ideal for privacy and also lets in a great amount of light. Sections of smooth glass can be alternated with rough wood or sleek black metal for different looks. To keep the glass looking clear and shiny, make sure they’re cleaned regularly.

Fencing with Arbours

Arbours are great for hanging flowerpots, creating a path for trailing flowers or to string some pretty lights along – or all of these ideas at once. Having this style around the entire perimeter of your backyard would provide an English-garden style visual.

No matter which material or design you prefer, giving your fence some personality will go a long way in enhancing your property’s curb appeal.