The no-commission or sell-by-owner signs that were once common on properties for sale have gone by the wayside, and it’s probably because more and more people realize the benefits of using a real estate agent. If you plan on listing your property soon, consider the following benefits of working with a realtor:

Unfettered Access

Agents know their markets – many often specialize in a certain area or region – and they have access to listings before they go live on public sites such as They can email you listings that match your criteria as soon as they come up for sale and get you in for a showing.

Number Negotiator

If you work with an agent they’ll be able to advise you of any potential issues a home might have or provide clues as to why a property might be lingering on the market. If your dream home needs a little work your agent can work this into a more favourable negotiation when you’re making an offer.

On Top of Admin

After submitting offers, counting offers, and moving through the purchase or sale process, there’s a lot of paperwork to be done. Your agent keeps track of it all and will provide copies for you to keep on file. Your agent should help you track your documents, give you extra copies if needed, and make sure all signatures are in place. Real estate agents will make sure the deal is done properly.

Right at Home

You can give your ideal property wish list to your agent and they’ll do all the searching for you. Whether you want a pool, custom wine room, meticulous man cave or something as simple as the size of the home, or how many bedrooms you need, your agent will get the job done.

In Closing…

Selling or buying a property without proper representation can leave you out in the cold if there are any issues after closing. A realtor’s job is to abate or meet these issues head-on, on your behalf. They’ll help guide you through concerns such as paperwork errors, last-minute negotiations or requests, or issues that arise during the final walkthrough of the home.