I’ve been there, your clients have been there – they’ve put an offer down on a home and are in the middle of their home inspection (from a trusted home inspection company like AmeriSpec) and some repairs are required. Some may be serious needing major renovations; others can be minor repairs or upgrades. Regardless, the new homeowners will need experienced and reputable contractors to do the work and sometimes that’s almost impossible to find. You know they’ll be searching for hours on Google, reading reviews and visiting miscellaneous websites or asking for referrals from friends who “know a guy,” but now homeowners finally have the opportunity to go to one place and choose from bonded, vetted and insured contractors and it’s completely stress-free. (input sigh of relief here)

eRenovate takes the guesswork and the “work” out of finding renovation professionals for any home project needs – from roof, plumbing or electrical repairs, adding an addition to flooring installation to duct cleaning and landscaping. All the homeowner has to do is visit (or download the free app), answer a few simple questions about the project, upload images or video, and the experts at eRenovate will do the rest! They’ll match your project needs to a pre-qualified contractor and service professionals. From there, the homeowner will compare the various professionals and their estimates, decide who to contact and then inquire about a detailed quote. It’s like but for home renovation projects!

The best part is that all professionals associated with eRenovate have been Verified by eRenovate™, meaning they have met Canada’s highest verification standard – they are licensed, insured, annually re-verified, trustworthy, experienced and government-registered.

As a home inspection company, AmeriSpec Inspection Services gets asked for referrals all the time during inspections, and I’m sure as a Realtor, you must get that as well, so this service will be your best response!

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