You are thinking of selling your own home but at the same time are looking to buy for the next phase of your life.  The purchase of a home is the largest financial obligation in most people’s lives.  It can be a stressful experience but also a time of pride and new beginnings.  What better way to alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty about the ‘hidden’ costs of home ownership than to provide transparency to the new owner of your home.  This will breed trust and give the buyer peace of mind as they make what is for most the largest financial transaction of their lives. sell your home faster

The FCT Certified Resale Home (“CRH”) is a ‘best in class’ approach to the sale of a home but also new home ownership.  The CRH starts with the inspection itself.  This is the moment the emotion of buying a home meets the reality of the issues a home owner must face.  The experience, knowledge and qualifications of home inspectors vary greatly.  Currently, there are no minimum qualifications or other requirements for a person to call themselves a home inspector.  All the inspectors used in the CRH program are independent third party professionals that adhere to training and education requirements and carry errors and omissions coverage.

It is important to remember that a home inspection is primarily a visual examination of a home’s system.  A home inspector cannot knock out the walls to see what’s behind them or do other destructive testing.  Inspectors will also not move furniture or storage boxes in order to view or access part of the home.

The home inspection can identify underlying problems with the home’s major systems, like heating, air conditioning, electrical, roofing and foundation.  After the inspection, a well laid out and contextual report will be provided that evaluates the condition of the home, including existing defects and potential problems that could arise later on.

In addition to the home inspection itself the FCT CRH offering comes complete with an 18-month warranty on those larger, ‘keep you up at night’ unknowns on the roof, foundation, heating and air conditioning.  This warranty is effective from the date of inspection and is fully transferable from you to the buyer on closing.  That means you will have some coverage available should an issue arise until closing and then it will transfer to the buyer for the remaining period.

Move on to the next exciting chapter of your life by providing a frictionless home buying experience built on trust, transparency and peace of mind!