You find the home of your dreams, do your due diligence and have a home inspection completed…and then promptly forget every single recommendation the inspector makes before you move in. Sound familiar?

With AmeriSpec’s Digital Binder service, there’s no need to dig up the ‘ol heavy, paper binder and start flipping pages. As part of your home inspection, you’ll be getting a FREE lifetime subscription to our Digital Binder online service. This online portal is designed to help you with records management and maintenance reminders – so all those things we always forget as homeowners or can never remember where we’ve placed the receipts, can be found simply. Need warranty information? Found with one click. Recall notices? Emailed to you instantly. Changing fire alarm batteries? Reminder notices are scheduled and sent to you.

Here’s a bit more about the Digital Binder service and what you can expect:

  • After the home inspection performed by AmeriSpec, the inspector will set you up with automated maintenance schedules regarding critical maintenance tasks that apply to your home. You might see notification for things like sweeping the chimney, changing the central air filter, or blowing out sprinkler lines.
  • If applicable, the make and models of your appliances will be loaded into the system for recall notices.
  • Related home professionals and their contact information may be loaded into the system, including plumbers, contractors, etc. This will be helpful to you down the road if any repairs are needed.
  • Your home inspection reports and, if applicable, Radon reports will be loaded into the system for safekeeping.
  • With the digital binder system, you get unlimited storage for receipts and the ability to organize details about renovations and decorating projects like paint colours used! How often have we forgotten that when it comes time to match the paint colour?

The digital binder service is just one of the ways that AmeriSpec shows its commitment to providing the very best service and most professional home inspections in the business. With 40 years of experience, we are the largest and most trusted home service provider in the world. Today, the AmeriSpec name is the industry standard for quality, service and value. With over 75 franchise licences from coast to coast, AmeriSpec of Canada conducts more home inspections – and serves more satisfied customers – than anyone else in the country.

Want to find out more about the digital binder? Contact your local AmeriSpec office for availability.