As the nation’s top provider of home inspections, AmeriSpec takes its commitment to quality, service and value seriously. Our Digital Binder service is just one more way that we are leading the home inspection industry.

As part of our 400-point inspection process, we provide our clients with a complimentary online digital binder. It’s essentially an electronic filing cabinet for the homeowner, but instead of a 3-ring binder, it’s an online system for the homeowner to track, manage and organize everything related to the home, including contractor and warranty information, maintenance reminders, recall notices, paint colours, etc. It can even perform a home inventory in case of fire or theft!

At the end of each inspection, the AmeriSpec home inspector will setup and pre-populate the “binder” with specific information, creating a customized and property-specific maintenance schedule to include air filter changes, sprinkler line blow-out reminders, etc. For added convenience, homeowners will also receive email reminders so they don’t forget to perform these critical maintenance tasks.

Depending on the home, AmeriSpec may include the make and model numbers of major appliances since the digital binder has a built-in recall notification service that will email the homeowner if any recalls are identified in the future.

We can also include a few local qualified professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and lawn care companies. It’s the ideal way for you to offer referrals to your clients. And of course, because this is an electronic file cabinet, we’ll upload the inspection report and any other pertinent inspection documents.

In addition, we’ll include both our information as well as your agent and brokerage information. This is valuable as it will continuously keep your information in front of the home’s owner during their homeownership. When it comes time to list the property again, your name will show up as the salesperson to any potential buyers viewing the digital binder’s unique and valuable seller reports.

This Digital Binder is just one of the ways that AmeriSpec shows its commitment to providing the very best service and most professional home inspections in the business. With 40 years of experience, we are the largest and most trusted home service provider in the world. Our inspectors are trained to meet or exceed the Standards of Practice of the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors—the highest standards in the industry. Our state-of-the-art, hands-on training ensures they know exactly what to look for with every inspection they carry out.

Today, the AmeriSpec name is the industry standard for quality, service and value. With over 75 franchise licences from coast to coast, AmeriSpec of Canada conducts more home inspections – and serves more satisfied customers – than anyone else in the country.

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