A well-built roof protects your home and its contents from Canada’s harsh winters. So why settle for anything less for your shed? Jack Rende, senior merchant of building materials at The Home Depot Canada, shares how to install a new roof on your outdoor shed to help protect it from the elements for years to come.

  1. Staple felt to sheathing. Install a double layer of felt, overlapping strips by about 2 inches at the edges and by 4 inches at the ends. Then, install drip caps along the rakes on top of the roofing paper.
  2. Install the first layer of shingles. First, choose your shingles. Then nail the shingle in place so it overlaps the drip cap on the end and bottom of the roof. Repeat this step along the entire bottom row.
  3. Nail a row of full shingles on top. To help make this step easier, measure the width of a full shingle from the drip edge and make a mark at each end of the roof. Draw a chalk line between the marks. Then align the upper edge of the shingle carefully with the chalk line. Nail the shingle in place with galvanized roofing nails long enough to come out the bottom of the roof panel.
  4. Start the second row. You’ll want to make sure the tabs of the second row overlap the solid portion of the first. Draw a chalk line to mark the upper edge of the row. Begin the row by trimming six inches off the end of the first shingle. This positions the shingles so that a tab covers the joints in the row below. Lay the rest of the row with full shingles.
  5. Work your way up the roof. Work your way all the way up the roof, then shingle the other side using the same technique. Roof the ridge with 12-inch squares cut from standard shingles.