With the beautiful weather giving us more reasons to spend time outside, expenses can really add up over the summer. A getaway might not be in the budget, but there’s no reason you can’t have a fabulous time in your own city. Here’s how:

Book a special hotel. Treat yourself with a night or two in luxury property you’d never dream of staying in while away on vacation. You’ll save on transportation and get to enjoy stellar amenities, like a spa, pool and fitness facilities. Some even include breakfast, so you’ll save a bit on meals. This is also an affordable way to have an extravagant but affordable bachelorette weekend.

Go on walking tour. Have you ever really explored every corner of your city? No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there are always some hidden gems to check out and lesser-known history to learn. Walking tours are often offered for free or as pay-what-you-can by museums or local organizations, and are the perfect way to see your hometown through new eyes. Find out what that car dealership used to be, who that street’s named after and what alleyway served as the backdrop to your favourite film.

Use your points. You’ve been remembering to collect those rewards points, and a staycation is the perfect time to cash in on them. Consider spending your points on an exciting experience like a play, tourist attraction or day trip tour to a nearby spot. You can even use them to book your hotel.