Some nooks and crannies in the home can confound even the most fastidious housekeepers. Fortunately, a little elbow grease, the right tools and some simple techniques can go a long way toward an exceptionally clean home.

Get rid of gunk. When showering or using the bathroom sink becomes an unpleasant experience, it’s time to de-grime. Remove limescale and other gunk with DIY techniques and an ingredient already stocked in many homes — white vinegar. Soak shower tracks and the tub in vinegar for 30 minutes and wipe clean. Similarly, a rub with vinegar-soaked cotton balls on faucets, handles and other areas will leave the bathroom shining without any damage from abrasive scrubbing.

Conquer crevices. The many hard-to-reach areas of your home such as baseboards, vents, around appliances and under furniture might be neglected even when doing a thorough clean. Fortunately, Beam Central Vacuums feature lightweight hoses and ergonomic crevice and multi-tools that make it easy to maneuver and tackle even the most aggravating areas for an ultimate clean.

Freshen the fridge. The refrigerator needs a good cleaning every few months. Decrease the stress on its motor by pulling it from the wall, mopping the floor and vacuuming the coils in the back. Inside, soapy water will keep the shelves sparkling, while a damp cloth will remove smudges on the outside.

Denounce your dirty oven. You need to use some elbow grease to get rid of the actual grease. Remove hood vents, racks and burners, soak in soapy water and rinse twice per year. Wipe down the doors and crevices thoroughly before replacing the racks, then blast away any remaining grit by running the oven’s self-cleaning option.