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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a weekend at the cottage. But power outages, heavy rainfalls and flooding can… Read More
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Moulds are forms of fungus (mildew, yeast and mushrooms, etc.) that grow indoors and outdoors. Mould releases spores into the… Read More
La plupart des pannes de courant sont de courte durée, mais certaines durent beaucoup plus longtemps, parfois des jours ou… Read More
Vous avez trouvé le fauteuil idéal, à la vente de garage de vos voisins – il a juste besoin d’un… Read More
You’ve found the ideal chair at your neighbour’s garage sale — it just needs a little TLC before it will… Read More
Que ce soit un projet de bricolage, ou un projet pour lequel vous engagez un professionnel, une rénovation peut ajouter… Read More
Whether it’s a DIY project or one you hire a pro for, a home upgrade can add beauty and comfort… Read More
Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air compared to what the air can “hold” at that temperature.… Read More
We all know what the spring weather brings, so it is important to learn how to prepare your home for… Read More
Did you know that the indoor air in your home can be 50 times more polluted than the air outside?… Read More
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