Winter is more than just skiing, tobogganing and skating. Though those are great ways to enjoy the season outdoors, there are many winter activities that can be done indoors too to get you through the frigid winter season. Here’s a list of some great indoor activities to try!

Movie marathon

Bust out your favourite movies and have a movie marathon. Perhaps there’s a trilogy you’ve been dying to see or a favourite series you and your friends love. Movie nights are a great way to pass the time, especially if there’s a blizzard going on outdoors! Cover the couch with blankets and pillows and serve your favourite movies snacks such as popcorn or chips and dip! You could even make themed treats that match the movies you’re watching.

Make meal time fun

Call over your closest friends or encourage your family to help out. Make your favourite meal or even consider searching online for a new recipe. Enjoy the meal together around the table and pair with your favourite wine. Another great option is baking. This one is perfect for families with young children – bring out the secret family recipe and your favourite cookie cutters. After the cookies are made create a cooking decorating station fully equipped with colourful icing and sprinkles!

Make a craft

There are so many crafts and DIY projects that are perfect for the winter. Wreaths, globes, birdhouses and candles are all things that you can make from your own home. Search online for winter crafts and try a new one every weekend! Check out your local craft store for everything you’ll need for an awesome winter craft project.

Host a party

The excitement of the holidays will wear off but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with family and friends in other ways. Some really fun gatherings to host are hot chocolate tasting parties, fondue parties, games night, or sporting event streaming party. The options are endless and offer so many ways to make memories indoors.

With these ideas you’ll beat the cabin fever and make this winter one to remember forever.