Everyone buying a home these days needs to arrange for a home inspection. It just makes good practical and economic sense.

Even if you are familiar with homes or have a relative who is a contractor, there’s no substitute for an independent and qualified home inspector to advise you on the condition of the home, before you make a final decision.

A proper home inspection is a visual examination of a house and property. When performed by a qualified professional, it will include:

  • A thorough visual inspection of the structure (inside and out, from foundation to roof);
  • An examination of all major systems;
  • An objective evaluation of the condition of more than 400 items; and,
  • A written report covering all findings and identifying potential concerns.

The problem is, there are many home inspectors in the marketplace and many of them are not that good in terms of qualifications or their ability to convey their findings to you in a proper manner.

Consult with this Guide to Home Inspections prepared by AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service. Although it’s prepared by a home inspection company, you will note that it’s not a marketing piece but rather a very objective and informative guide on how to find a proper home inspector.

In this informative guide you will learn:

  • Who needs a home inspection.
  • What a home inspection is…and is not.
  • Benefits of a home inspection.
  • Preparing for a home inspection.
  • How to choose a home inspector.

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