The phrases sewer backup or basement flooding seem to strike fear in the heart of every homeowner. And with goodISG_SewerGard reason! Sewer backups and basement flooding are hugely expensive, damaging and often heartbreaking when you lose so many belongings and keepsakes due to water damage. Water and sewer damage requires immediate cleanup—often a vast process—and then the repair of the actual problem. Emergency plumbing repairs are never a quick, easy or inexpensive fix. And if you’ve just purchased a home, a repair of this magnitude could be shockingly large on an already stressed wallet.

But imagine if you could get protection from sewer and water damage for free. You can! AmeriSpec home inspections now include free SewerGard protection for homebuyers as part of their home inspection package.

A regular home inspection, even by top-quality certified AmeriSpec inspectors, can’t check inside water and sewer pipes or visually inspect the pipes that run underground and out to the city lines under the streets. Qualified inspectors will check all water and sewer pipes for function, of course, but anything could be happening behind the scenes of these hardworking plumbing services. And they could be working perfectly at the time of the inspection and fail afterwards, when you’ve already closed on the property and moved in.

So how can AmeriSpec help homebuyers? Jeff Brookfield, business development consultant at AmeriSpec, explains many of their offices will include SewerGard in their inspections to provide complete coverage for those items that were visually inspected, hidden from view or considered functional at the time of the inspection.

SewerGard provides up to $4,000 of protection for root intrusions into water or sewer pipes, line collapses and leaks. It’s just the sort of peace of mind you need when purchasing your next home.

Of course, home insurance policies will provide some coverage as well, but that coverage is limited to what happens within the walls of your home and won’t cover the pipes that run to the street. And often these issues are classified as “maintenance” and not accidents, leaving you with no coverage at all!

With SewerGard through AmeriSpec home inspection, you have $4,000 of coverage for water and sewer damage throughout your home and all the way to the city pipes. Peace of mind just when you need it and where you need it too!

For more information, contact AmeriSpec at 1-866-284-6010.