It’s that time of year again when we dreadfully tuck away our shorts and sundresses and begin layering up with sweaters and scarves. For a seasonally functional closet you’ll want to make sure you flip your summer clothes to your winter wardrobe properly and effectively.


Don’t let your summer and winter clothes get lost between one another. Organize your clothing so that the most frequently worn items are in the centre, where they are the most accessible. Put your summer clothes to the side and your winter clothes in the middle.

Store it away

If you have an overload of clothes and find yourself having to jam everything in the closet to make it fit, you should store away any clothes that don’t match the season. Buy bins to keep under your bed or to store away in the basement. In the winter, remove sandals, sundresses, bathing suits, shorts, and anything else you will only wear in the summer. This will clear up more space for your bulkier winter clothing. Do this wardrobe swap every season to maximize your closet space.


Switching your closets for the seasons gives you the opportunity to clear out any clutter or unworn clothing. Have a system and make piles for keeping, swapping and donating. Pack up all the clothes you no longer want and take them to your local consignment store. By implementing this closet swap strategy you’ll make your daily clothing hunt easier and eliminate unnecessary junk while you’re at it!

Don’t forget your dressers

It’s important to give your dresser the seasonal clothing flip too! Keep your winter clothes in the top drawers and summer clothes in the bottom. A great hack for your drawers is to roll your clothes and store them side by side instead of stacked in piles. This helps you to see every item in the drawer. There are many great online tutorials on how to properly roll your clothing to maximize drawer space and minimize wrinkles.

With an organized and functional closet you’ll feel like you have your own personal boutique in your bedroom!