Whether you’re buying or selling a home of any shape, size or condition, be sure to choose the right Realtor for the job. It’s a big decision and a big commitment, and there are several things to consider. Using the right realtor can impact how quickly you find or sell a house, and the price you pay or receive.

First it’s a great idea to get referrals from others. Knowing previous buyers and sellers had a good experience says a lot. You can also ask to talk to some of the agent’s other clients and get feedback from them.

Be sure to select an agent that has the right credentials. Do background work and check to be sure they’re licensed and also note if they’ve received any professional awards, etc. Experience definitely counts in this field, so finding out how long they’ve worked in the area can be important as well.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to a few potential agents, it’s a good idea to interview them in person. Do you seem to get along well together? Does it feel easy to communicate to each other? Are they enthusiastic to work with you? A compatible match goes a long way since you will be spending lots of time together. Also do you agree on what the expectations are? See what their marketing plan will be for selling your home and what steps they’ll take to sell it. And for buying a home discuss how often you wish to receive new listings, etc. You should check out the agent’s current listings to get an idea of how they operate.

Choosing the right realtor to suit your needs will make the entire process run smoother and more successful in the end.