Spring is when Canadian homebuyers first notice what winter’s frost has left behind. Roof cracks, holes, and tears aren’t just an eyesore; they only deteriorate further when left uninspected. An AmeriSpec pre-purchase home inspection can spare homebuyers costly roof repairs, and the debt that comes with them. 

Roof inspections can detect serious winter wear before you buy a home

As the seasons change, mass amounts of ice have built up. This slowly puts pressure on a home’s roof and overall structure. Heavy snow and ice can slowly eat away at a roof causing long-term structural damage. This can potentially lead to a costly and dangerous collapse. Older homes in particular are highly vulnerable to such problems. After all, older homes have experienced years of cold, Canadian winters with heavy amounts of snow. 

Roof faults that AmeriSpec roof inspections commonly find

AmeriSpec inspectors are highly experienced in roof inspections and can spot an issue with a home’s roof in a snap. What a new homebuyer might not notice will be obvious to home inspectors that specialize in identifying roofing and structural damage caused by Canadian winters. AmeriSpec home inspectors can spot deteriorated shingles, signs of leaks in attics around flashings, along with straining in ceilings that could otherwise be missed by new homebuyers. Utilize the experience of AmeriSpec home inspectors that can save you time and money while helping you purchase your next home.

Moisture penetration

Older or poorly maintained roofs are highly vulnerable to moisture penetration that can slowly cause more damage. Typically, older homes are more susceptible to moisture penetration as problems begin at the roof, and move into the structure of the home. The signs of moisture penetration are subtle but can be spotted by experienced home and roof inspectors. Should moisture penetration be missed when shopping for a home, homeowners could potentially need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair structural and roofing issues.

Ice dams

Large build-ups of ice and snow can cause extensive damage to a home. Should you purchase a home that has poor drainage and poor runoff of snow and ice, you could be on the hook for serious repair costs. Spot the signs early before you buy a home with roof inspections from AmeriSpec.

Cracking or slackening of caulking

Homes as young as five years old can show signs of caulking deterioration. Canadian winters can eat away at the glue holding things together and pose ongoing risks to homes that look like new. Many older roofs also experience cracking in the caulking within the roof’s flashing. This is the material that prevents water from seeping through the roof. Over time, the caulking that holds together the flashing can be eaten away by winter weather, posing new problems for potential homebuyers. Ensure that you get a roof and home inspection performed to detect developing issues with the caulking.

Roof inspections can save homebuyers thousands of dollars

Roof repairs can be extremely costly should they be left unattended. The final bill will shock homeowners, and it’s in your best interest to ensure that the home you are buying is free from fundamental roof issues before signing on the dotted line. 

The bottom end of a roof repair typically costs around $5,000. More complicated roof repairs can soar well above $15,000, maybe even more if a home has deep structural damage from winter weather.

Book your AmeriSpec pre-purchase home inspection today

An AmeriSpec pre-purchase home inspection (including a roof inspection) can potentially save homebuyers thousands of dollars in roof repairs. Buying a home is a major life event, and it’s in your best interest to complete as much due diligence as possible. This way, you can ensure your prospective home is the right fit for you. AmeriSpec has over 30 years of home inspection industry experience. When you need to take the next step, call our team at 866-284-6010.