While most of us know how to stay healthy at work by getting up from our desks regularly, taking lunch walks and keeping low-calorie snacks close by, many are leaving these good habits at the office.

If you’re looking to take charge of your health, here are four smart at-home adjustments you can make:

1.     Transform your bedroom. Getting a good night’s sleep is the backbone to a healthy life. If you’re not getting the rest you need, leave no stone unturned. Try removing digital devices from your bedroom to eliminate bedtime distractions or dim the screen one hour before bedtime to start setting the mood. And, as nice as it may feel, don’t let your pets in the bed as they can disturb you during the night.

2.     Get a better toothbrush. While we fill our homes with smart TVs, connected tablets and virtual assistants from Google and Amazon, it’s funny to think that some of us still use a manual toothbrush. By upgrading to an electric toothbrush, you can remove up to seven times more plaque while whitening your teeth and improving your gum health. With features like smart sensor technology, you can even track, analyze and improve your oral hygiene routine all via a connected app.

3.     Stock your cupboards. Making extra trips to the grocery store and cooking more will help you stay healthy in two important ways. Firstly, you’ll indulge in less takeout. Secondly, you will take greater responsibility for what you’re eating. When shopping, stay clear of chips and cookies  because if they enter your house, you know you will eat them. Instead, opt for fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and other healthy snacks.

4.     Buy some exercise equipment. If you’re the type of person who finds it hard to get to the gym, bring the gym to you. Today, it’s easy to find lightly used fitness equipment online, so there’s no excuse not to pick up a treadmill or exercise bike and then trade it in for another piece of equipment when you get bored.